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Delta TS200 Shopmaster 10" Portable Bench Saw

Delta TS200 Shopmaster 10" Portable Bench Saw

From the Manufacturer
Finally, a 10-inch table saw with the guts to run with the big saws and the features to blow away anything in its price range. Ideal for woodworkers who demand high quality and consistent performance at an affordable price. Powered by a 15 amp motor, this saw has plenty of power for all cutting operations. A smooth, anodized aluminum table top provides a smooth work surface without ribs or holes that can catch the workpiece or fingers. Blade raising and tilting controls are up front for convenient operation. The blade tilting mechanism has positive stops at 45 and 90 degrees which are adjustable from the top of the machine for easier maintenance of accuracy. Front and rear locking rip fence maintains accuracy at the cut. For cutting wide material, integral T-slot grooves hold miter gage to prevent tipping and twisting when extended beyond front of table. This extends the crosscutting capacity to 13 inches in 1-inch thick material. To complete the package, this saw includes a stand, an extension wing for added capacity and a retractable support extension to support longer workpieces safely. A large paddle-style power switch is mounted on the front of the machine for easy shut down. Two-year limited warranty on machines, parts, and accessories. Includes saw, stand, extension wing, support extension, rip fence, miter gage, 10-inch saw blade, standard table insert, blade wrenches, and instruction manual.
This benchtop saw from Delta's Shopmaster line offers accuracy and reliability in an easily portable package. It has a 13 amp, 120-volt motor for plowing through cuts and features a 17-1/4-by-26-inch table that allows for a 9-7/8-inch maximum rip to the right of the blade. There's a self-aligning rip fence that locks in parallel to the blade and a T-slot groove in the table so you can use a standard miter gauge for crosscutting. It also has a see-through blade guard with an integral splitter and antikickback fingers, and a toggle-style on/off switch. While this is a great saw for do-it-yourselfers working on smaller projects, people needing more rip capacity and a more powerful motor will want to consider a step up to Delta's TS220 Shopmaster saw. --Brian Trinen
  • Powered by a 13-amp, 120-volt motor for dependable cutting power
  • Lightweight for portability
  • Ample capacity to cut 3-inch at 90 degrees, 2-1/2-inch at 45 degrees
  • Rip fence locks front and rear to maintain accuracy of cut
  • 2-year limited warranty on machines, parts, and accessories
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